Who we are?

Few experts in their own field have joined the Perceptors Group with an aim to provide inputs to facilitate decision makers in government and private organizations.

The profile of Advisory Board is listed below:

Advisory Board Chairman:

Education: MBA & Masters in International Relations.

Expertise: Has more than 25 years experience in Defence and security, administration, research and media handling. Has attended number of seminars, workshops, courses at national and international level. Is a regular contributor in English newspapers and on national & international websites.

Member Defence and Nuclear Studies:

Education: M.Phil in Defence and Strategic Studies

Expertise: Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia, Terrorism, Non-Proliferation issues, FATA, Afghanistan and Regional Security issues.

Member Media:

Has more than 10 years of print and electronic media experience. Has also been working in a media agency.

Member IT:

Education: Master in Information Technology

Expertise: Has more than 10 years experience in information technology. Has been handling websites, running a software house and is interacting on social media. Is proficient in web application and web mapping development.

Member Legal: 13 years working experience in legal sector and providing legal services to the individual, groups and the corporate.

Member Medical :

Education: MBBS, Hospital Management, Medical Administration

Expertise: Has more than 15 years experience working in govt hospital and medical administration.


Education: MSc Psychology.

Expertise: Has more than 20 years experience teaching and practicing psychological issues like selection analysis, interrogation and media analysis specially under intense crisis situations.

Member Project Management:

Education: MBA (Project Management), Greenwich UK

Expertise: Having 12 years of experience in Project Management for Multinational Companies, attended many workshop, seminars, International exhibitions and having deep research on Oil & Gas sector. Successfully Planned, executed and Monitored several projects of National and International Level.